1. A kiss
  2. A steamy kiss
  3. Me for one night
  4. A slap to the face
  5. A confession
  6. Me for two nights
  7. A harsh insult
  8. An angry/jealous text
  9. Drunk voice mail
  10. 4 days with me chained to their bed
  11. A hug
  12. A pat on the back
  13. A kitten
  14. Up to mun

Chasing Pavements: Write about a time your character had to choose between two very important things. Asker gets to specify these things.
I Got You: Write about a time your character was protected/protected another person.
My Friends: Write about a time your character was reunited with something he/she lost a long time ago.
(You Drive Me) Crazy: Write about a time your character was obsessed with someone.
A Thousand Years: Write about a time your character was separated from someone they loved by something that couldn't be helped.
Fucking Perfect: Write about a time your character had low self esteem.
Be Prepared: Write about a time your character plotted the death of someone in a higher position than them.
The Worst Pies in London: Write about a time your character tried to cook something that turned out badly.
Take it All: Write about a time your character gave up everything for someone they loved only to discover they've been played.
Words I Never Said: Write seven things you've never said, but have always wanted to.
Johanna (Reprise): Write about missing someone you can never have back.
Paradise: Write about your perfect world.
Love: Write about a time your character was head over heels in love with someone.

Drabble: Fucking Perfect (I feel like that could end in fluffs.))


It had happened again. Just when he thought he was safe, Pitch had gotten to him again and the Nightmares rampaged in the dark of his mind. 'You can't save them. You can't possibly save them all. It's pointless. Useless. One day or another, they'll all succumb to me and you know it.' His voice rung loud and clear in Sam’s thoughts.

Sam woke up in cold sweat. This was the third time tonight it happened and he couldn’t bear to fall asleep again. He got out of bed and traveled to the den as quietly as he could. But Olivia was awake and followed him downstairs. She saw him by the fireplace, stoking the flames. Before she could approach him, he called out to her without turning around, “Ye should go back to sleep.”

”..I was worried about you. You haven’t been sleeping well. Are you okay, Sammy?” He didn’t answer. He kept staring at the fire, the light dancing in the reflections of his eyes. She hugged him from behind, a little frightened of his somberness. “Sammy.. You can tell me anything, you know that.” She kissed him on the back and didn’t let go. After a while, she heard him whisper, “I can’t save them..”

"What was that, Sammy?"

"I.. I can’t save them.. All of them… Every. Single. Day. Hundreds of them… Beaten down.. battered… caged.. by their shadows, an’ I can’t do anythin’ about it. No matter how many I help, no matter how many kids I visit, I stay with, I guard, there’ll be ten others sinking deeper in despair, gettin’ attacked, gettin’ their childhoods taken away!! AN’ I CAN’T DO A BLOODY THING!!!!” The moment he yelled, the flames in the fireplace erupted, as if in sync with Sam’s emotions. Olivia held tightly to his body.

Finally she felt him calm down, his lungs heaving for breath. And then she felt a jerking emotion in his chest. He was sobbing. Thick tears trickling from the corners of his eyes, as he gritted his teeth. He never liked showing his weak side to anyone, most of all Olivia. His bony hand was clenched into a fist, and it trembled. When Olivia moved to hold it, he took it away at first. But she managed to catch it, and soothe the anger away. “I’m.. I’m not strong enough.. I’m not..” Sam kept saying meekly, but Olivia shushed him and hugged him tighter.


Masquerade AU

Muse A and B don’t get along but both are required to attend an event (charity function/festival/party) where they have to wear a mask and are partnered with another for the evening. Dances, conversation; all lead to Muse A & B surprisingly enjoying themselves. Neither knows that their partner is the one they can’t stand until the end of the evening when the masks come off. What will happen next?


"We’re goin’ to be late, love!" Sam called out from the bottom of the stairs, and he heard a reply from the bedroom, "Just a minute! Almost done!" The Vampires were holding their annual ball and Sam was going as Olivia’s date, naturally. It was a formal event and Sally had fashioned a lovely,…

  • "Am I dead?"
  • "Another one?"
  • "And what if I don’t?"
  • "Are you afraid of God?"
  • "Are you crazy?”
  • "Are you really that shallow?"
  • "Are you sure it’s okay?"
  • "Are you sure there were no survivors?"
  • "Can I trust you?"
  • "Can we go now?"
  • "Can we not fight tonight?"
  • "Can’t…



team 5’5 and under where ya at

they didn’t let us in they thought we were 12

Bed time for me

#oos #sad

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"You gonna make me shut up?"

"I just might." Dante replied, taking a step closer, his nose almost touching hers.

She narrowed her eyes, looking right into his. Her fists were clenched by her sides and her face and neck were red. “Well? Go ahead.” She hissed.

This fight was stupid, they both knew that. Dante decided to end it right now. “You’re cute when you’re mad.” He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her toward him, kissing her deeply.

She huffed as he pulled her forward, she didn’t want to argue anymore but she couldn’t give up either because she was so furious. She pulled away from the kiss, looking upset.

"come on, baby. Neither of us want to fight anymore." He said softly, placing soft kisses up her neck to her jaw. He kept his arms wrapped tightly around her waist.

Olivia sighed, calming down a little as he kissed her jaw. As furious as she was, the fight didn’t need to go on anymore and so when he kissed her in a particular spot on her neck, she was like putty in his hands. “I’m sorry..” she mumbled, leaning in close to kiss him.

His forehead rested against hers as he replied, “I’m sorry too…” His lips met hers lovingly, communicating his desire for forgiveness.

She closed her eyes, pressing her lips softly to his, and her hands slowly making their way up his back and gripping the back of is hair.